The “Moriarty Quick Heist”

Let’s Pry That ClickBank Open For Some Funding! 

These Clickbank strategies are ideal for putting together some quick profits for an upcoming project or if you just want an add-on money making project that you can set up on the weekend.


“We could use one of my refined & superior, higher converting strategies, but time is of the essence and this ‘quick and dirty’ Clickbank heist will have Sherlock Holmes running in circles and scratching his head as to what happened. Foiled again by Moriarty’s unpredictable bravado and absolute disregard for fair play!”

Who Benefits?

  • Struggling affiliates – have you failed to find a way to make some extra money online that is easy to implement and works?
  • New aspiring online marketeers (not musketeers) – want to learn how to drive traffic to affiliate products and get paid commissions without getting a marketing degree first?
  • Lazy affiliates that can’t be bothered to put together landing pages, reviews and list building strategies
  • Part time marketers working 3 jobs with limited hours between shifts
  • Myself if you buy anything from this website because I make affiliate income on lots of things…

What You Won’t Need…

You won’t need a website, web hosting, landing pages, video creation, top class copy-writing skills, high tech skills or weeks of planning and building stuff.

I have put together a full training for you (I will be giving this away – details at the bottom of this post).

PLEASE NOTE: Under no circumstances may these strategies be shared with Sherlock Holmes! Non compliance will result in instant ex-communication (if you know what I mean)…

Lets take a look at the process from ONE of my strategies in the full training:


If you don’t have a Free Clickbank affiliate account yet, you can set one up later. I’ll include instructions in the full training. Don’t get distracted now…

Once you have your account set up, click ‘Marketplace’ in the top menu and choose a product to promote (full details in the training)


Check that ads are running for the product you intend to promote. (You WANT to see ads running for the product)

PPC ads


Check that we can send traffic to the offer using our specific linking method.

How to drive traffic to your offer


To use PPC (pay per click) traffic, you need to write good ads. Now I know I said earlier that you don’t need to know good copywriting… and I am going to show you how to get great ads that already work so that you can simply grab their ad content, mix and match a few lines and , BOOM (I like things that go boom… but I digress…) you have ads that are proven to convert.

No need to re-invent the wheel and do hours of research to find high converting keywords with matching ad copy. No, simply use this platform (their free service is all you need – their premium version is available for when you get serious) and grab the keywords and matching ad copy to use in your PPC campaigns. I cover this in depth – in the training.

Creating your Pay Per Click ads


Besides the keywords that go specifically with the ads in Step 4, you need a larger selection of keywords to produce additional advantages in your PPC campaigns (some secret sauce as it were).

Once again, no need for laborious keyword research or fancy keyword research software, I am Moriarty! – use my secret shortcut and steal all the relevant keywords pertaining to the product right from under the vendors nose – not even Sherlock Holmes will figure out how you did this on his own – ha.

Advertising secret sauce (Also FREE)



Generate traffic – not the type that takes days or weeks or months to set up, I told you earlier, ‘time is of the essence’!

We want traffic NOW.

For this traffic, I am using a PPC / search traffic platform. Cost is cheap – start with $5 to $7 per campaign and only scale if you are profitable (and within budget).

I will be showing you how to set up a campaign and place your ads. You can have your traffic up and running the same day. This cheap paid traffic will have your advert with your affiliate links in front of hundreds to thousands of eyeballs in minutes.


Now, I am simply presenting you with the opportunity and training to start making affiliate commissions on Clickbank within 24 hours.

Will you make $1000’s overnight? Probably not – I can’t and don’t guarantee any income, but if you implement this simple system, you can expect to make a few sales on the campaigns that work and you can scale from there.

This strategy that I just walked you through, is just a taste of what you get in my training that I am giving away today.

Once you have tasted victory, you can implement a few additional steps that I have included. The included PPC training will be invaluable for moving on to bigger and better heists!


Do you want this training/strategy? If you want me to give it to you for no charge… here is what you have to do next:

  • Step 1: Let me know in the comments below… Put a ‘Yes I want this’ and the reason why in comments…
  • Step 2Click the blue button below to access through Facebook Messenger and follow instructions

Subliminal message: I needed to make a space here -Ha


(If you don’t see the blue “Get Started” button, you can use this link instead– it will take you directly to FB Messenger – follow instructions from there then)



Nemesis to Sherlock Holmes. Professor of Online Money Generation. Consumer of The Good Life.

8 Responses

  1. Avatar Jarail says:

    Yes I want this. I want this because I’ve always wanted to try to make money with clickbank and its interesting that i won’t need webhosting, a website, a landing page, etc…

  2. Avatar Tim Rogers says:

    Im ready to take action. I see clinckbank all over. I need some insight some wisdom on how to work with u. Im ready

    • Moriarty Moriarty says:

      Hi Tim, one of the secrets to making money online is to focus you attention and master one strategy before expanding to other strategies. Keep building your knowledge in the same area rather than jumping to something different. When I go for the jewels, I don’t get caught up trying to haul out the pretty statues that are lying around in the vault… If I take too long, Scotland Yard might show up.

  3. Avatar Brian says:

    Yes I want this. I have tried everything and still have not made a penny online. I want to supplement my pension.

  4. Avatar Michael says:

    Yes I want this, to make money.

    • Moriarty Moriarty says:

      Hey Michael, we all want to make money. You should find a way that you are passionate about, something you enjoy doing. When all is said and done, we adapt to survive. You may as well do something that interests you – stay focused and build on your skills in that area to become successful. Decide where you put your energy and just do it with purpose.

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