By Hooked or By Crooked

Hookum to make money onlineHow To Make Money Online by Simply Giving Something Away

In this case, we just Hook them…

  • For this method, you give something away and it won’t cost you a dime…
  • Implement this method and you will understand how to make money online passively and without cost
  • For this method,  you won’t need a website, hosting or any technical ability… and yes, this method will work for you if you are a Newbie!

First of all take a look at the screenshot below

Hooked results

That’s $464.53 in affiliate commission (100% profit) attained by simply giving an easy to produce PDF away for Free.

 “I came across this method following a job involving  some safety deposit boxes that were accidentally opened while visiting a well known bank in London.

This particular box contained some extraordinarily ‘high value pieces’ which caught my attention – leading me to believe that the owner was a very successful businessman.

Tucked away at the bottom of the safety deposit box, was a plain manila envelope with simply the words ‘Bishop Strategy’ scrawled on the outside. On later inspection when I was um… not so busy… this envelope simply contained a note with a phone number.

Intrigued, I called the number and so this strategy that I am sharing with you today fell into my lap as it were” – Moriarty

Now, I cannot claim this method as my own, but I have certainly put it to good use and very profitably I might add.

Seeing as how this method arrived in my possession so fortuitously, I have decided to make it available at no cost to a few fortunate souls.

Be forewarned, under no circumstances may this information be allowed to fall into the hands of that pompous, self righteous pretender – Sherlock Holmes. His vindictive pursuit and futile attempts to undermine my business empire means that anyone who shares my strategies with him and his Scotland Yard cronies will be excommunicated forthwith. 

I digress…

Want Access to this “Hooking” Strategy?

  1. Let me know in the comments below… Put a ‘Yes I want this and a reason why in the comments…
  2. Then click the blue button below to contact me using FB Messenger and follow the access instructions.


(If you don’t see the blue “Get Started” button, you can use this link instead– it will take you directly to FB Messenger – follow instructions from there then)



Nemesis to Sherlock Holmes. Professor of Online Money Generation. Consumer of The Good Life.

2 Responses

  1. Avatar Amber says:

    Yes I want this. I’m a single mom in desperate need to make some cash.

    • Moriarty Moriarty says:

      Hey Amber, you may get “hooked” on this strategy yourself just as I did. Just stay focused and implement what you learn!

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